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Building a ‘sense of community’: Why mixed-use developments are sprouting up across the US

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AUTHOR Kim Slowey @kimslowey It seems that with every announcement of a new office building, sports venue or residential tower, there is also news of a mixed-use component — some modest, like a residential tower with retail space or a grocery store and others that create self-contained mini-cities. Some feature senior and townhouse developments that include amenities

Retail as Multifamily Development Opportunity

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By Jerry Hoffman, Jeff Green Understanding the essence of cross-market development is becoming increasingly important to the success of mixed-use communities. With mixed-use opportunities on the rise, development professionals are capitalizing on the growing trend to cross-categorize the retail real estate and multifamily housing markets to create a sense of “place.” This is especially visible

The Social and Economic Benefits of Mixed-Use Development

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by One Loudoun Blog Team Many Americans are dependent on their cars to get them from home to work, shopping, dining and entertainment options, but mixed-use developments aim to change this dynamic. Mixed-use developments place residential, recreational and commercial spaces all within close proximity. Consumers can walk, cycle, or use public transportation to travel wherever