Local Food Truck Vendor and Hanover Mall Featured on Chronicle

Find Southern style chicken and waffles north of Boston and Liege style Belgian waffles served up from a food truck on the South Shore.

Waffles are tasty treats that satisfy both sweet and savory cravings and they’re not just for breakfast. At Southern Kin in Somerville’s Assembly Square the chicken and waffles are the most popular dish on the menu. The waffle is infused with cheddar cheese and chives, topped with three Southern style pieces of fried chicken, pickled Fresno peppers and lots of syrup.

The Burgundian Coffee & Waffles is a food truck that serves up Liège waffles – a special kind of Belgian waffle that’s more dense and sweeter than its counterpart. They’re available with or without toppings. The “In Bacon we Must” comes with ricotta, fig spread, basil and bacon.

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