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5 Reasons Why Mixed-Use Developments Are On The Rise

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By JD Esajian | @JDEsajian Mixed-use developments are a combination of residential and non-residential buildings that are planned and developed within a city, municipality and/or state. These real estate projects can range from a single building to an entire neighborhood, and are typically developed to be responsive to a specific environment. Along with infusing commercial and

Are mixed-use developments still a smart investment in 2018?

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Article by Megan Wild, www.buildium.com Mixed-use developments may have lost their luster in the eyes of some observers due to the retail meltdown of 2017. Last year, many retail locations closed down, and several retail companies went bankrupt due to Americans’ ongoing migration to online shopping. Given that, are mixed-use developments a good investment in 2018?

Retail as Multifamily Development Opportunity

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By Jerry Hoffman, Jeff Green Understanding the essence of cross-market development is becoming increasingly important to the success of mixed-use communities. With mixed-use opportunities on the rise, development professionals are capitalizing on the growing trend to cross-categorize the retail real estate and multifamily housing markets to create a sense of “place.” This is especially visible

The Social and Economic Benefits of Mixed-Use Development

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by One Loudoun Blog Team Many Americans are dependent on their cars to get them from home to work, shopping, dining and entertainment options, but mixed-use developments aim to change this dynamic. Mixed-use developments place residential, recreational and commercial spaces all within close proximity. Consumers can walk, cycle, or use public transportation to travel wherever