The Social and Economic Benefits of Mixed-Use Development

by One Loudoun Blog Team

Many Americans are dependent on their cars to get them from home to work, shopping, dining and entertainment options, but mixed-use developments aim to change this dynamic.

Mixed-use developments place residential, recreational and commercial spaces all within close proximity. Consumers can walk, cycle, or use public transportation to travel wherever they need to go – shifting the focus of urban design away from cars and towards people. A recent article from online magazine Eco-Business states that the key of sustainable urban design is this people-centered approach that can be achieved through mixed-use developments, and here at One Loudoun, we have to agree!

Creating communities, such as One Loudoun, where people can work, shop, dine and live in one area not only offers convenience but also social and economic benefits, a point highlighted in the Eco-Business article. One social benefit of mixed-use areas is the decreased dependency on cars, which can lead to less traffic congestion and lower greenhouse gas emissions. This is not only beneficial for the environment, but a more pleasant experience overall for everyone involved!

Another social benefit of mixed-use communities is the focus on shared community space, such as parks and plazas. These shared spaces allow for more interaction among residents, strengthening social ties throughout the community. In One Loudoun, our very own “Central Park” and a plaza with outdoor seating and fountain are just a few of the spaces where our residents can gather for fun and catching up with neighbors!

Economic benefits from mixed-use communities are two-fold, benefitting both residents and businesses. Living in a mixed-use community can translate to monthly savings on gas and other transportation costs for residents when they depend less on their cars and opt for other modes of transportation, such as walking or public transportation.

Businesses in mixed-use developments also benefit  – more walking means more foot traffic to stores in the development. According to Eco-Business, one study found that pedestrians spend up to 60% more at businesses monthly when compared to those traveling by car – while still spending less on transportation!

At One Loudoun, we’re proud to offer an incredible combination of homesrestaurantsshopping options, businesses and entertainment venues within proximity of one another. And our beautiful single-family homes mean that One Loudoun residents can take advantage of the benefits of a mixed-use community while living in luxury. Take our single-family homes from Miller & Smith, for example – our new Downtown Collection home designs are unlike anything else you’ve seen, with up to 3,800 square feet of space, grand kitchens, and available lofts, sleeping porches and studios, these homes may just be the best part about living in One Loudoun!


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